Welcome to Skyline Fever

 Photo by Kate Kelly

Photo by Kate Kelly

Welcome to Skyline Fever!  Having a website to accompany our shirts has been a long time dream, so it's very exciting that it's finally here.  We wanted to create a space where customers can easily view our work, shop, see some behind the scenes action & get inspiration on styling our clothing.

It's hard to believe that Skyline Fever will be 5 years old next month!  Wow!!!  It doesn't feel like that long since it's only been the last 2 years that things have really picked up.  With the release of our signature Dylan tee above, the blossoming of Skyline Fever really began.  We never expected it to take off the way it did over night!  We will never forget that experience.  We had to put our shirts on pre-order status that took up to 8 weeks to receive, it was nuts! Things have settled down after the initial explosion, and we have spent the past few months working on having all of our shirts in stock and ready to ship.  We are still in transition at this point, but each week we are building our stock up.  It's been so awesome to be able to go from pre-orders that were taking 4-8 weeks to get out to being able to ship a shirt within a few days!  We will continue to strive to keep up with the shop in this way.

Skyline Fever is still not our full-time job, although we are hoping one day it can be for James!  We both have our own things going on... James works during the day at a local HEB, and I (Laura) am the founder of the Bohemian Collective and create a bi-annual magazine, and sometimes still find time to create jewelry for my bohemian adornment line Roots & Feathers.  I am also a fulltime blogger at rootsandfeathers.com

It has been an awesome and rewarding journey to be able to create Skyline Fever together.  James had an idea and passion to get into screenprinting, and I like to draw and design, so it just came together.  I would really like to get back to drawing again for our clothing... that is one thing I would like to see happen for the new year. 

We have lot's in store for our readers here in this space, so check back to see what's new.  We have a fun announcement tomorrow!