"Wecome, energies of earth, air, fire and water. Let us create a life of beauty, reverence, and wonder. With each season, let us rejoice. Through every phase of sun and moon, let us be in harmony. In every direction shall we offer our love."

~ Medicine Woman Tarot




Skyline Fever items feel like home as soon as I put them on. The words, the designs, the clothing. It all makes me feel my truest self. I am not the easiest customer, as my address constantly changes and James and Laura always make sure that I get my items quickly. I anticipate every new style as much as I love the well worn favorites in my closet
— Alicia Thiede
Iโ€™m a huge fan of yaโ€™lls Skyline Fever line. The fabric is comfortable, and the designs are unique and fit the personality of down in the earth types. The words are peaceful, uplifting, and comforting. I love the colors you offer (not a huge fan of bright primary colors). I am excited to see what new ideas you have to offer! .
— Heather Powell
Skyline Fever has what many brands fail to create, heart. This husband and wife duo collaborate to not only create eco-friendly designs, but unique products that call out to the bohemian spirit. They use realistic models, comfortable tees, and provide such excellent customer service itโ€™s positively refreshing. I love knowing that by supporting this company, Iโ€™m honoring a family and their vision. Thank you for all of your creations, Laura and James,
— Maya Singleton
I love Skyline fever! Their shirts are so soft and they offer so many beautiful designs. I love being able to buy beautiful quality clothes and support a family business too.
— Lauren Coates